Deconstructing Scalia: A Teach-In

3 Oct

“This week, US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia spoke as a guest of the Snyder Presidential Lecture Series–a privately funded initiative “intended to invigorate the intellectual environment on campus by providing a forum for the presentation of provocative points of view.” While Scalia’s visit was organized under the banner of “discourse”, there was little to no opportunity for the Tufts community to truly engage with and interrogate his decisions as a Justice which have resulted in truly harmful policies at the national and state level.

From the weakening of the Voting Rights Act this summer to attacks on reproductive rights, this Friday’s Teach-In will include an analysis of originalism in constitutional interpretation and a discussion of the Supreme Court’s role in disenfranchisement. During the Teach-In, we will also be deconstructing some of the statements that Justice Scalia made while here at Tufts, providing a broader historical and political context to his words and their meanings.”

– taken from the Facebook Event Page

This event will occur on Friday, October 4, 2013 at 12pm in Miner Hall Room 112.

We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE people to attend this!


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