Bringing back our AAA Charity Service Auction event!!!

30 Oct

LAST YEAR, we took a break from our annual charity auction event and put our time and energy into a collaborative event: a charity ball. We worked with Harvard, MIT, and other surrounding schools.

THIS YEAR, lead by our two wonderful Community Service Co-Chairs, Julianna and Fay, we decided to bring back our Charity Service Auction!! All of our proceeds when to ATASK ( an Asian Task Force against Domestic Violence. We had services from rides to anywhere in the Greater Boston area to lunches with professors and our University President!! We also had raffle prizes ranging from New England Aquarium IMAX tickets to books written and signed by our own professors.

Just a little FYI information about ATASK .. it is the only Domestic Violence program of it’s kind in the Greater Boston Area, focusing on Asian / Asian American women and children! So all funds raised are going to an AMAZING cause. There’s an idea that it is “normal” and should not be considered domestic violence, but it is serious and it is domestic violence. There is nothing normal about it! If you want to get involved, know more, and even donate, I gave the link above!

Anyways, I just wanted to share a few of the pictures from that night 🙂


OH YES WE DID .. we brought out the chocolate fountains!!! xD

Our not-very-good-at-math-but-wonderful MCees .. Albert (Freshman Rep) and Kim (Vice President)


Oh it was a wonderful event, and we raised so much money!! Thanks for everyone who showed up!!


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