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26 Sep

We have 5 new members to our family 🙂

Meet our 3 Freshman Representatives:

Albert Wang

Helen Xu

Anastasia Mok

Meet our 2  Entertainment Chairs:

Jessica Wu

Justin Shiiba

WELCOME WELCOME 😉 we’re so happy to have you join us!!


Asian American studies minor launched — Tufts Daily Article

17 Sep

Check it out!! This makes me so excited I was just want to run around campus in a monkey suit!


Take care, go change to world 😀

Ready to start the new year!!

10 Sep

After a tough battle of about over 40 years, Tufts University has finally gotten an Asian American Minor!! This is a huge step for the Asian American community here at Tufts! Now Tufts Asian American Alliance is back, and we’re ready to keep going!

Join us for our general interest meeting on Sunday, September 16th at 8pm in Pearson room 106!

Come meet the executive board, chat with us! We’d love to answer any questions or just have a nice talk!